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Prompt #431 - Word List

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Prompt #431 - Creative


Use the following in a story – a penguin, a bowl of soup, a lawn mower, a bicycle, and a bouquet of flowers.


My entry....



I have a friend on GA. Her name is Valkyrie and she's a penguin.


Val has been the best friend to me and many others here on GA. Heck, she's even been featured on the site!


One afternoon, while I was sitting on my lawn mower, even though I don't have any grass to cut. And I got a thought. Maybe I could get on a bicycle, ride to the florist and buy a bouquet of flowers, bring them home and put them on the table with a nice bowl of soup.


I'd take a picture of them and send them to Val telling her she's one of the best people I know and I'd love to invite her over to join me in some fond conversation and a bowl of soup.


We all love you, Val.



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