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Prompt #433 - First Line

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From Cadet Cruise



“Where did all of that come from?”


Jerry looked at the wreckage and ruins on the plain by the bay through his field glasses and sighed. 


Kevin said, "Those sure aren't the same sort of ruins that we're used to."


Jerry said, "I think not. That building with the cooling tower is an old Dassault fusion reactor. The others are all pre-fabricated structures. My guess is that this is a wildcat colony that picked the wrong planet."


Troy, one of the youngest boys asked, "What is a wildcat colony?"


Jerry said, "Doug, you want to handle this one?"


Doug chuckled and said, "OK... I'm from Evergreen so I guess I am the right guy to answer that."


Jerry said, "That's what I was thinking."


Doug took a swig out of his canteen and said, "Back a couple hundred years ago during the first wave of colonization, anybody with enough money and a ship could start a colony. Lot's of groups wanted to start colonies- some of them for all the wrong reasons: religious groups, racial separatists, nationalists. There was no governing authority to regulate who could go and have any say in the planets that were good for colonization and what planets had serious problems."


"When Evergreen was discovered, they thought it was the garden of Eden. It was beautiful and pristine but, you had to live there a while to find the snakes. You see- Evergreen's year is about seven and a quarter standard years long. We had no idea about the seasonal variations in the ecosystem. There were fungal diseases and horrible creatures that hatched or came out of hibernation. In the colonies first four years, one in four colonists died. After what happened in Evergreen and some other places, the Alliance formed the Ministry of Colonization. It did surveys and regulated colonization so that colonists wouldn't get slaughtered horribly by alien ecosystems."


"The Ministry has never been very popular. It's detractors call it 'the Mock' and claim that it's too conservative and political but, it's way better than it was before. Colonies formed before MOC regulation and, some illegal colonies formed afterwards were called Wildcat Colonies. Way too often they turned out like that colony down by the bay."


Troy asked, "Are they... all dead?"


Jerry said, "From what we've seen of this hell hole, unless they were evacuated, I don't see how they survived."


Ever the practical one Justin asked, "Could we find stuff down there we might need?"


Jerry said, "It could have been there for over a hundred years. I doubt we'll find anything but it might be worth a look."



See part 2 here

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