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My feet finally touching ground after ten years of travelling.


I am putting pen to paper on a follow up book to this series. The events of the recent Canadian election have goten the old synapses firing and I will be working on something soon.


Until then, keep an eye out for something I have written but haven't released until now...


hopefully things will go well.


And it is good to be back in the UK.

I hope this means you will finish the Falcon Banner series too.  Welcome back, I've missed your writings.

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I guess it came out a little too demanding, right? Sorry about that :blushing: . In my defense, I got really, I mean really excited with the news. But I'll keep my cool, don't worry. From now on, I'll be a good boy, scout's honour III (although I was never a scout so I don't know if it counts).

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Guys, may I have your attention, please. Does anyone know where to find a nice desk in the UK? Must be in excellent condition, great price and delivered as requested. Any info needs to be shared with Master Lydon, I'm sorry, Mr. Lydon here.

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I recommend ikea. You wouldn't expect flat pack furniture to be good quality, but I had one of their Galant desks that I put together by combining pieces, and it was great. Very solid, high quality, and customizable. The Galant line is now the Bekant line, but it looks to be quite similar.

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Hey has anyone heard anything on the status of TopherLydon? I really like his stories and hope that there will be more coming from him. Any news would be great. Thanks!

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