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Cbdt: One Man's Worth

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I thought I'd give my loyal readers an early Christmas Present, my story was never meant to be just a battle between traditional foes i.e. LGBT and Christian Fundamentalist, it is much more complicated and this short story set after Chapter 12 (with its own tragic events) will open up some very ugly possibilities for the remainder of Book 1 and some interesting dynamics in Book 2.


I also know there were a few terms from Roman Catholicism that might not be known to Protestants, so I added a few notes at the bottom of my story to explain Apostolic, Nuncio, and Holy See as concepts of the Catholic Church and Vatican City.


The inspiration for this Christmas Special came from two sources: One Man's Worth is the title of X-Men TAS Cartoon and Comic Book about the death of Professor Xavier causing a horrible future to be fixed by "Bishop", a mutant time traveler. The second inspiration came from a dream I had riding the bus the day after the Paris attacks about the possible attempted Assassination and mass murder at a Christmas event that would echo throughout the world.


Hope you enjoy

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