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Looking For A Story

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Hi, i will be very grateful if you manage to help me find a story that i read a couple of years ago. it was on nifty or literotica.


it is a hypnosis type story about a guy that can put others (and choose mostly straight guys) unders his control. i dont remember using which method.

i remember a scene in which he gathers all the guys that he put under his influence in a house party, and he shows a gay guy who he is intrested in how he can do anything he want to them without objection even though they are straight. in some point he choose a guy who is in the middle of a conversation, remove his cloths and do sexual stuff to him without him or the guy he talks to even noticing. after the first time he put someone under his controll, the guy wont notice if he do anything out of normal to him. he shows that to the gay guy since he want someone who is not under his influence to join him in his escapades or something.


i am not sure if it is from the same story, but the main character might be a student that is taking a special hypnosis course in the college/university, which only the top student going to remember after the year ends, and the rest of the class loose it's memories of it.


and that is all i can remember... tried searching for it for couple of days allready, and i just cant find it...

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