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Prompt #472 - First Line


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Another snip from Cadet Cruise




“When did you expect me to get that done?”


Commodore Channing took the measure of the pompous idiot in his view screen. Captain Scott of the destroyer Ward, despite his lofty political connections, was a substandard officer by any measure. Given the political sensitivity of the latest crisis, Scott may just have stepped in enough of a snake-pit to bring him down despite being the worthless in-law of a core world political dynasty.


Scott continued to dig his hole even deeper, "We found the debris field of the Basilone. We recovered six life pods and seventy-seven fleet and marine personnel. We did a yankee search as far as a light week out from the point of the disaster. There's simply no way anyone else is out there."


Channing said, "Commander Scott, you are aware that the Basilone was a Marine Assault ship and carried a total of four Raptor class assault shuttles?"


Scott spluttered, "Well... yes."

"You do know that the Raptor class assault shuttles can put an entire Marine platoon in cold sleep?"


Scott paled.


"Yes. You just blew off making passes on three marginally survivable worlds in range to get back to the barn and bask in the glory Commander."


Channing exhaled explosively and said, "Dock your ship, get those survivors to the hospital.and put your ship on refit status Commander."


Scott spluttered, "But... but... I'm a Captain."


"Not anymore. If those cadets are lost before we can find them because you wanted your victory lap, that will be the least of your worries."


Channing broke the connection. 


His flag Captain was standing beside him stifling a grin. It was clear that Captain Scott, long a thorn in the Commodore's side, had finally gotten on Channing's last nerve.


The Commodore asked, "Captain Hardin, what is the status of the Manila?"


Hardin, the Captain of the light cruiser that acted as the command ship of the destroyer squadron answered, "We are fully fueled, manned and ready to answer all bells Commodore."


"Show me a holographic map of the area surrounding the location of the Basilone's wreckage."


The ships navigator turned on the bridge's holographic star map and put a red dot on the site of the wreck.


Channing moved closer to the map and said, " Now project a sphere three light months out from the site and show me the habitable planets and moons."


​The navigator made the requested changes to the holographic display. 

Channing said, "You are a smart kid in a bad situation. Where would you go?"


The Navigator said, "The SK-03-445 system is the closest but it's a red coded world."


Channing said, "Red coded? Why?"


The Navigator replied, "The database says extremely hostile flora and fauna- classification T-9. Just barely habitable."


The Commodore sighed and said, "Captain Hardin, plot me a best time course for the SK-03-445 system. Send to the Lone Star Station that the Manila is joining the search."

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