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Hey, guys!


So, as you know, so I'm a newbie here. Unfortunately, I can't post anything on the website, here, because the update that will let me post stories from my iPhone hasn't gone live, yet. So I devised a solution that will hopefully let you guys read the project I'm working on, right now.


It's called Greytones, and it's supposed to be set up like a soap opera, complete with seasons and episodes. I've posted it on its own WordPress page, which I will link at the bottom. Hopefully this is allowed, linking outside GayAuthors. If not, just tell me.


I'll try to post 3 times a week, but I can't guarantee that. I'll try to post pretty often, however. Tell me what you guys think!


Thanks, guys!

<3 Atheu


Email: atheugoreistories@gmail.com

Greytones URL: greytones.wordpress.com

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