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*Sneak Peek* Of Prophets, Saints And Sinners

AC Benus

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Tim and Def: Thank you! This one is in the shop as we speak. The excerpt you read was only written yesterday, but I'm determined to get all 13 chapters ready for December. Keep your fingers, toes, and you-knows crossed for me ;)


Btw, the Canary Man newspaper article is after one which appears in this book: A Tour of Saint Louis; or, the Inside Life of a Great City, 1877. This tome has been invaluable for me to get the feel and flavor of Victorian STL, which was the third largest city in America at the time (only N.Y. and Phily were more populous).      

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You asked about the female character - yeah, I think she and I will get on ... :) The only thing which will put me off is the perennial problem of being on the wrong side of the pond and not having the socio-political history already there (however sketchily) in my head. Too much wandering off to find out things is rather like having to read all the footnotes in a printed novel. We'll see ... ;)

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