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Are Slave Stories Permitted On This Site?

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That depends on the context, how it's shown, and if there is sex our rules also state no stories can contain more than 50% sexual content or be the sole theme. Also, per our content guidelines non-consensual sex/rape, which is often inherent in a slave-fic story, is not allowed to be shown in a 'positive' light, so there's a narrow window where that theme might be accepted. If you contact me via PM with the gist of the storyline and/or share the already written story, I will do a review with the rest of the moderation team to check the content and give you a yes or now whether or not your specific story would be allowed.

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A couple of mine have slave fic themes, and I've read several others here that have it as well.  I would suggest sending it to Cia like she said, and she can give you a yes or no, or maybe suggestions to help.  

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Old post I know but I'm just browsing around. Being one who's wrote many types of plots and subplots, mostly in the soap opera style (which leads me to this suggestion) You might be able to pass a story like that under the reason that the force is due to blackmail, it would also be a plot to build on, blackmailed into serving the master while trying to figure out how the character can save himself. Also getting to create what the master has on the slave, what the blackmail is. You could build a lot on using this type of method.

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