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*Sneak Peek* Knight Lyte (Sneak Peaks!)

x Trevor x

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Okay have finally decided to release some sneak peaks! This is very exciting for me. My first story after two years of writers block so I am glad to present these to you and hope that you enjoy! <3



"That you're neurotic." He laughed, following after her. "Though on a more serious note...I could say your schizophrenic....you show like no emotion." He paused and looked around. "I'm going to seem really random for a minute...this house was probably last lived in during like the thirties and...aside from the lack of Asian eyes, you look just like a china doll."

Her eyebrows lifted. "Here's a facial expression, it shows interest." And then the smallest of grins appeared. "And while I look like a china doll...Bryana looks like a barbie. Which one do you prefer?" She pulled the door open and it was only half hanging onto the hinges.

"I would prefer a collection of non generic looking Ken dolls." Lyte said, following her inside, seeing the place had furniture. "Is this stuff...was it left or is it yours?"

"Awesome...I don't have to worry about you hitting on me, Jake did it once and I couldn't tell if he was serious or not, he should thank God that Bryana was not there and that I never said anything." She looked around. "Already furnished...even thrift shopping for furniture would be expensive, at least in my position on the economic chain."

Lyte stared at her for a moment and then he shrugged. "Guy was probably just being a passive aggressive jerk."

"He's lucky that I'm not Lex, she would have given him three black eyes." She held up three fingers. "Yeah...his mind's eye."

"I sure would." She looked at Lyte and Nikita as the two turned towards her. "You know what is so annoying?" Lex walked inside. "I miss school, probably miss something good, sit in a court-house all day and that dumb bitch neighbor of mine lies from the A of her testimony all the way to the Z and gets away with her bullshit."

Nikita slowly nodded. "I see...well I could try to cast a spell on her...not that actual magic has ever worked for me before but with wicca I believe in being able to channel certain energies and vibes towards people."

"I don't believe in that mess." She crossed her arms. "I'll give Cynthia some bad vibes. That fucking bipolar bitch, there is not going to be anymore of me going nice just because she has a nice swing."

Lyte raised his eyebrows. "Wow...one day and I'm already getting the dirt. What exactly did Cynthia do?"

"Said she was going to hire a hit on me...so I figured I'd get her thrown in jail so a woman could get a hit on her...if you get my flow." She shook her head. "But naturally it turned into a classic word against word and since she's an adult...it's likely that the teenager is the lying bitch, the second part of that is right but not the first."

"Can she really do that?" He asked.

"No...she was mocking me, I knew it too...but I did it anyway. I guess I wasn't convincing emotionally or something." She slowly grinned. "Should of sliced my wrists and went in there being all emo. Mr. Judge...I was going to kill myself because I am to scared to exist with her! So this is what I did! And...I  don't think I did it good enough."

Nikita shook her head. "You are a trip."

"And yet I still can't get you to laugh." Lex grinned and she looked at Lyte. "Any kind of reaction you get out of her means you hit her mental G-spot. Just imagine her brain oozing with mental cum and feel accomplished!"

"Gross!" Nikita walked over to the couch and sat down. "I don't think he would feel accomplished or anything else for that matter...he's really into the Y chromosome."

"Oh...too bad." Lex shook her head. "Anyway so Caleb caught me up on the assignment and since the class has an odd number and I was out...I was told to volunteer as a second patient and so naturally I thought of you Niki."

"Before we start...apologies if I am way off base but being new here..." He looked between them. "You guys seem like the type to maybe...be into the drug scene? I need a new dealer and in this small no where town...I'll be lucky to find one."

"I know a guy in Minneapolis, he gets his stuff from Canada...however that traffic system works but everything I get is premium." Lex nodded. "I can vouch that you're trust worthy, actually it would be better if I came with you on the first buy."

"I dabble in some LSD...but for spiritual purposes, if I want anything recreational usually weed does it for me or sometimes prescription pills." Nikita flipped through the pages in her notebook and found a blank page. "Okay..."

"Weak bitch..." Lex laughed and shook her head.

"Jail house hoe...lucky Cynthia didn't get you charged with something." Nikita grinned and she shook her head. "We should get started...Lyte is the doctor."

"Why does the guy get to be the doctor? What about women's rights?!" Lex questioned, though it was heavily sarcastic in nature.

Nikita shook her head. "Because he's the new guy and I don't want to be the doctor...but feel free to take it if you want."

"I got it." Lyte said and then he looked over at Lex. "And that sounds good." He offered over his phone. "Just add yourself and I'll text you."

She took the phone and nodded as she looked down and went to program herself into the contacts. "If it says your old bitch is calling...that is me. It's what all the guys get so they feel like a nagging wife is calling."

That earned a small grin from Nikita and she offered over the notebook. "There...use that for the notes."

Lyte grinned and took the notebook. "This will work for now...I'll have to grab my tablet next time, digital writing is just...I don't know, more entertaining."

"Well say what you will...put something in the schizophrenic realm on mine...since I'm all into Wicca and while I gave up on real magic when I was twelve...I still believe in certain more natural things but any doctor would probably say I'm crazy." Nikita expressed.

"What do you do? Drug people with over the counter supplements and call them potions?" Lex offered Lyte his phone back, containing her laughter.

"Yep...I crush up supplements and mix the powders together to fuck up the chemicals in your brains and I call it magic." It was sarcasm but of a more dry and passive nature. "I don't do that but it's a good example of what I mean by more natural things."






Noah turned his attention away from the television upon hearing the sound of his phone ringing. He grabbed it and saw that it was Christian. "Hey...I thought you were coming over."

"Change of plans....we're crashing Bryana's Halloween party." A grin slowly appeared. "I'm going to give someone the scare of their life..."

"Crashing their party? Are you insane? They will do more than call us Noel and Christmas and the joke on us." Noah's eyes widened.

"Let them call me Christmas...I'm bringing the presents." Christian softly laughed. "Do you have some kind of costume you can throw together?"

"How about a sheet over my head with cut out eyes? At least they couldn't identify me."

"If that is the best you can do...as for me I have a bag of surprises tonight, being why I can't pick you up."

"You only have a drivers permit." Noah reminded him. "Who is taking you?"

"Yeah and none of us are old enough to drink, won't be the only law I break tonight." Christian sighed. "Okay...go fix your ghost costume and...cut it at the bottom so it don't drag the ground. I'll come and get you, so long as I don't drive stupid then we should be fine."

"Road blocks? You know there will be road blocks." Noah shook his head. "How about I just have Lex take us."

"Fine." Christian got up and walked to the closet and opened it, yanking out a trench coat. "I'll just wait here but if you aren't here in like fifteen...I am taking off and you'll miss all the fun." He turned around and threw the coat onto his bed and walked off into the bathroom.

"Lex will try to be there in five, you know my sister." Noah pulled the phone away and hung up, that was when he saw Lex come running down the stairs. "What the hell are you?"

Lex stopped at the bottom of the stairs in a pair of camouflage skin tight cargo pants and a matching sleeveless crop top, a diamond belly button ring reflecting in the light and matching the rhinestones that she had pasted to her bare midriff. A black holster belt was worn and it held the gun that Blitz had, since he was nice enough to let her borrow it. Her hair was done in micro braids and left to dangle freely around her head and shoulders.

"I'm a military bitch, what does it look like?" Lex laughed and she walked around the couch and grabbed a piece of pop corn. "What are your plans? Movie night?" She looked at the television and she sighed. "Too bad you're adopted...could of inherited my genetics."

"Chris invited me to go...he wanted me to ask if you'd drive us but I guess you're going anyway." He shrugged. "I had no idea he would want to go, the best I can do is a ghost sheet."

"A ghost sheet?" Lex shook her head. "Hell no....my brother isn't being that lame. I put this costume together by myself, it's just my regular outfit with some accessories." She grabbed his arm and pulled him up from the couch. "Lets see what we can do."

Noah let her tug him up from the couch but then Lex was stronger compared to him. He followed her as he was nearly dragged up the stairs in a hurry and then pushed against the wall in the hall way and he shook his head. "What?"

"I need an idea." She stepped towards her room. "Want to be a cross dresser?"

"Uh...no, I don't think so. Jake already calls me Noel when I dress like a guy." Noah frowned, clearly not happy about this but he would go, he had always promised not to hold Christian back from anything.

"Wait!" Lex ran into her room and the sound of a loud thud could be heard when she swung her closet door open and it hit the wall. She stepped inside and dug around. "Noah, come here."

He walked into her room and saw her walk out of the closet. "I'm almost scared to ask."



Normally I give out more previews but I still have so few chapters and I don't want to give too much away! As I go on I will put out a few more sneak peaks, my usual is four total but who knows, enjoy!







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