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ISO: Beta – Genre Paranormal – Length of fiction 5,379 Commitment- One off – Urgency - For Fall Anthology

Caz Pedroso

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  • When do you want it by? 


Ther's no immediate hurry, but I would like to get it finished and submitted so I can move onto something else without worrying about missing deadlines. 


  • Have you worked with an Editor / Beta before?


Yes...but my usual beta reader is offline for the foreseeable furture and I don't want to keep pestering my very busy editor with things that should be sorted before they get to him. 


  • What do you need? Such as… Do you need line edits? Plot help? Someone to read your story and tell you what is wrong?


In the case of this story, i would like someone to read the plot and point out any holes//ways I could add more detail/expand on the characters. 

Also, I will warn you I am known for changing characters names halfway through stories - or getting characters muddled up, changing the spelling of characters names, oh and my grammar can get rather mixed sometimes - although I have improved on that, or so I'm told. 


  • What software do you / can you use?


I use Microsoft word and prefer using track changes. But, I can use google docs if that is preferable. or even copy and paste into a pm with colors for corrections/suggestions/comments. 


  • Do you prefer comments or inline edits or do you not have a preference?


No preference. I take anything offered :) 


  • And finally – a snippet of your story (except for poetry – put style) of at least 200 words but not more than 500 words.




I turned to remove my wig and grab a handful of wipes to remove the makeup caked on my face.

“I have the part, I just need to fit it and we’re good to go,” Alice said making me look at her in the mirror.

As she spoke she had stripped and I watched a blue glow surround her. When it cleared Alice had been replaced by Alex and he grinned at me. I tried to tell myself not to stare, but he really was stunning as man or woman.

“Are you going to change or just sit there staring? I thought we were in a hurry.”

I poked my tongue out at him and finished peeling off my costume. The clingy blue sequined mini was one of my favorites, especially with the matching heels. I hung it up and pulled on my street clothes. When I looked in the mirror this time I was once again plain old Simon. Short untidy brown hair, dull grey eyes, and skinny frame. Next to Alex with his long blond hair braided down to his perfect ass, well…

“Come on,” I sighed. “Let’s get going.”

We got out to the parking lot without getting stopped. “Where are we heading?” I asked revving the engine of my trusty blue mini.

“Go north on third street, then west on fifth. I’ve got a safe place on Sweetheart Avenue.”

“How will that help us? If we hide out there, we’ll still need to get home somehow and I can’t see them giving up and not leaving someone to watch our places.”

“Don’t worry. You just get us there and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Rolling my eyes, I hit the gas. My little car chugged a bit before taking off in a puff of smoke.



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