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The Secret Love of Billy and Brandon


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I made a Billy Chase soundtrack companion for my Brandon Smiling one and designed a little graphic to go with it.





Billy Chase





Brandon Smiling



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    • By MrM
      If you've been keeping up with the latest Billy Chase chapters and you've been reading Brandon Smiling, then you may have heard the name Greg come up in Billy Chase and the name Chandler come up in Brandon Smiling. There seems to be another universe at play out there that is exerting its force on our favorite gay teen power couple.
      Here is my take on the whole Greg/Chandler/satellite young adult thing that seems to be in orbit around our BillBran unit.


    • By MrM
      So, over the past year, another Temple has been speaking rather loudly into my head. He was Brandon's Great-great Grandfather. His biography and love story is recorded in my story Souvenir. Get your hankies out, this one will be a tear jerker.
      At this writing, It is about a little over half-way finished. I just wanted to give some Billy and Brandon fans something to read between Billy and Brandon posts.  

      Naturally, it also has a soundtrack being that I write everything to music.
    • By MrM
      I find Comsie's character Jimmy LaPlane a haunting figure. A representative of all those little guys out there that get bullied, but are, in there own way, bullies in themselves only more subtle. The obsessives, stalkers, and manipulators that want to make you the solution to their problems.
      At the same time your heart breaks for that lost and broken boy who just can't seem to catch a break. Perhaps he would not be so needy if he had been given the blessed love he needed. Instead the rolling drums of his broken heart bleed.
      In his honor I came up with this musical tribute to him. It is a setlist of songs that I think tells the story of his heart. I hope Comsie and the rest of you guys enjoy it.
      This is 

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