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Signature banner link to story.

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I don't believe I have ever seen instructions on how to make a banner image for your account signature and link it to your story or stories page.


First you need a small image which will be your signature banner and which you upload to your signature in Account Settings Signature. You do this step by simply clicking the Upload Image button, if it does not upload your image is too big, too many kb.


Once you have the image uploaded, follow these steps:

1. Copy the address for the page you want to take people to when they click your banner

2. In Account Settings - Signature highlight / select the banner image

3. Click the link button from the editor menu (it looks like the link from a chain)

4. Paste the copied address into the link bar (leave the second bar Link Text empty)



You might want to center the banner.

Add an open square bracket center close square bracket immediately in front of the banner,

then immediately after the banner the same open [ and close ] but with /center in between the square brackets.

So it looks like this [xxx]YOUR BANNER IMAGE[/xxx] where xxx is replaced by the word center (it must be spelt center).


Every author deserves a link to their stories page or latest story, I hope this helps you.


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