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Adagio: A Ghost Story

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I thought I'd republish a ghost story I did last year. It took a lot out of me to write it because the messages and the subject matter of the story involve things that used to be more prevalent than they are today. It is hoped that even in this era of Grindr and professional sex traffickers that, at least, the kinds of horrors visited upon boys in the late Seventies might not be repeated today.





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In honor of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors Day,’ I thought I’d bubble up this topic.

This is a story I wrote about a ficticious runaway youth and his tragedy, which was all too common in the day in which he lived.

Christopher’s story could reflect the stories experienced by LGBT youth in the past and even to this day. I hope you can take a few to read my story and let it help you keep in mind the tragedy of homelessness among our children. 

Here is a link to Cyndi Lauper’s Facebook message and to True Colors United, a charity for LGBT Homless.


Here is the song that helped me during my gay youth too:


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There was a darker side to the Adagio story . . .
It involved a young man named Ryan McAlester. An innocent destroyed and turned to evil
By an ancient archdemon named Dagon.

The story of Ryan’s fall is my Halloween story for this year.
It is the story of
The Umbereth



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