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Myself when I write characters names (and I have lots of stories on TG, nifty, gay, diaper sites) I goolge most popular surnames...and look at different surnames and then google popular baby names.

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A great source for character names is to google male or female names for a specific language. Most of the characters the authors on GA write about come from a specific country or ethnic background and most likely would have names to match that ethnicity. The author can then choose a name that matches the ethnicity of his character... One that is easy to pronounce in the language in which he is writing and is also easy to distinguish from other character names. I am amused by some authors selecting rhyming names for siblings or twins, as the story complexity increases these names are hard to remember or to distinguish one from another. Remember, your readers are not as familiar with your characters or plot as are you and naming them with distinctive and easy to remember names is one way to help your readers follow the story-line. Keep your names short, true to the character's ethnicity, and easy to say.

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