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    • By Renee Stevens
      On each member’s profile is a button with an envelope and the word “Message”.  Once you click that, it will bring up a floating message area. You can also click on the envelope icon in the site header area and click on "Compose New", then start typing in the member name of the person you wish to message in the "to" field. Options will be given based on what you are typing, and when you see the member name you wish to message, click on it to add that person to the message.
    • By Brayon
      Found this on Reddit. It's an artistic depiction of everything in the Sol solar system.

    • By Daddydavek
      The NASA website is an awesome resource and it's galleries have pictures many of which are free for use.  
      Here is a link to their galleries:   https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/index.html
      I've found that the pictures help me visualize and therefore be able to write descriptions that are more believable and detailed than just what my imagination can provide and in addition have some real basis in reality.  
    • By Renee Stevens
      Yes.  You can send a multi-person conversation by adding the name of each member you wish to message in the "to" field. Type the first name, select it from the options given, then type the next name and select it. Repeat for each person you want added to the conversation.
    • By Renee Stevens
      This is the site Private Messaging System (PM).  To access your site PM’s please click on the envelope.  That will show you the active messages you have received. Clicking the "compose new" button in the top right corner of the drop down box will open a pop up box to send a new message. Through that area you can send a PM to any member, as long as you know their username.Go to inbox takes you to the PM system to view your messages.  The system has a predictive field, once you type the first three characters of the name, it will give you options to choose from and narrow it down the more you type.
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