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Looking for Beta Readers


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Looking for beta readers for a new series I am looking to write. Please contact me if you are intrested in MM coming of age series.

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    • By Stellar
      So two of my betas decided to quit simultaneously, which is rather inconvenient and disappointing.
      Nonetheless: I am seeking a replacement beta for the final chapters of Veil of Shadow. If you have a good grasp of English and the language's intricacies, a mind for detail and the grand plot, and you really 'get' the sort of tale I am telling ... then this might be a role for you. Send me a message if you are interested in doing so. Potential to carryover into the third book also, if interest exists.
    • By Timothy M.
      I finally managed to find the list of Editors and Betas, in order to see how many stories I'd edited on GA so far. Congrats to @Kitt for being the busiest editor with 115 stories, btw.
      My question is whether it's possible to generate a list of the stories I've edited. Mostly for my own interest, because I'm losing track of them, but I can also see a site value. If someone wanted to ask another member to edit or betaread, it might be useful to see what they have edited/betaed before.
      The list could either pop up on the main editor list https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/browse/editors/ or be a separate page on my profile. Or it could be a choice in the Activity Stream: Stories I've edited / betaed.
      No big need, but if you ever run out of other ideas for site improvement, it would be cool to have.  
    • By comicfan
      Basically I've run into a problem.
      Due to issues with my health and then not having a computer, the normal people I tap for beta work aren't able to do it anymore. In some cases it is real life has interfered, which I can understand, or they have sort of faded away from GA.
      Just so people know, I was made aware by a reader of one story left undone. To be honest, it was a 10 chapter story, 5 were up and my beta found a plot hole you could drive a cruise ship through starting in 6. No problem, I could just redo 6 to 10. Then I got sick, computer died and to be completely honest, I forgot it existed. However, now working to create an ending again and will need someone who can be as honest and tell me where I mess up.
      That brings me to project 2. Working on another limited chapter story called Dragon''s Hoard. I've advertised for a beta and again, no answer.
      So while my one shots - Anthology and Halloween contest are nearly complete and shouldn't have an issue with beta or editors for them, sort of sunk on the others. Longer projects require a real commitment. I need both a reader/task master to keep me going. While there is no time schedule to keep, I will not post unless the story is complete. I'd also prefer not to spread this out over months. I'm trying to keep both projets between ten to twelve chapters. 
      If anyone is interested,  let me know. Thank you.
    • By comicfan
      I'm presently working on two different projects. This is a one shot, approximately 2,000+ words.
      Wanted - Are you good at seeing the problems? Not afraid to be honest with someone? Got a good red pen and not afraid to use it? Then I have a project for you!
      The story - Blue, Brownie, and Wedding White
      This came about because of Cia's little project for the site - Two Nouns. Well after a really short scene people wanted more. I caved
      and wrote more. I'm sure even with this expansion, it wont be enough, but it all depends on what you as a beta need more of, or less of.
      Sample -
      Buzzz! Buzzz! Buzzz!
      The buzzer for Bradley’s alarm clock pierced the silence, forcing him to push the hair out of his face, then blindly feel for the button to kill the alarm.
      “Too damn early,” he mumbled as he grabbed his glasses and slid them on. He hurried to the bathroom to pee, wash his face, and brush his teeth. He was on automatic pilot, just going about his normal routine.
      Bradley stumbled to the kitchen and started brewing a cup of coffee in his Kuerig before pouring himself a bowl of corn flakes. He yawned and scratched his face, waiting for the machine to finally finish brewing his cup. He poured some milk into his coffee and was about to sit down when his doorbell rang. He set the mug on his kitchen table and squinted at the front of the house.
      “Who could want me at this hour?” Bradley rubbed his eyes and wandered to the front door. He opened it and took a moment for him to realize no one was there. He began to close the door when his sleep addled mind realized something was wrong.
      Pulling the door wide open, Bradley discovered the roads in front of his house were gone. Instead of the flow of traffic, he presently found a park, or maybe a forest starting at the edge of his yard. He could clearly see the elms, oaks, cherry trees, and more where the three streets should merge in front of his house. The trees were barely lit as the sun rose into the sky.
      “This has to be a dream.” Bradley shook his head and was about to close the door when he heard a high pitched whistle. Pausing to look around he spotted a small pink and violet ball, barely larger than a golf ball, shot out of the park, hurtled at incredible speed across his yard, and flew right past his ear.
      “What the hell was that?” Bradley turned quickly and looked into his hallway. He found the ball sliding around on his hardwood floor, going from the hall into his open living room, finally coming to a halt under his glass coffee table.
      As he watched in amazement, the ball slowly seemed to split open like an egg and a fully formed man stood up. The man stood all of a six inches high, was a deep indigo color, and totally nude.
      “I really need to wake up,” Bradley muttered as he rubbed his eyes and then slapped his own cheek.
      “Funny way to greet a guest,” came a deep rich voice from the figure on the floor. He stood with his arms crossed watching every move Bradley made.
      “Guest?” Bradley squeaked as he took a sudden step back, hit his front door, knocking it closed.
      Click. There was a flash of light and then silence as Bradley heard the door close behind him.
      “Finally,” came the same rich voice as the figure walked toward Bradley, growing rapidly to over six feet. “I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to close that door. Did you grow up in a barn or something?”
      So if this appeals to you feel free to contact me.
      Thank you,
      Wayne aka comicfan
    • By comicfan
      I'm presently working on two vastly different projects but I'm going to list both here in hopes of finding a brave soul to read and rip things apart before I go begging for an editor to fix everything again once the beta and I have finished. This is for the longer project.
      Project 1 - Dragon's Hoard
      Presently two complete chapters of an on going project.
      Needed - Someone willing to give honest opinions and feed back. I'm not perfect or a prima donna. Being told that the story is wonderful is always nice, but not looking to have my ego stroked. Need someone not afraid to grab their red pen and tell me where I have too much detail or not enough. Am I getting my point across or as a reader are you lost? My writing usually involves fantasy and relationships. If this doesn't interest you feel free to skip this request. Because this isn't finished yet I can't say how long the story will be. Most of my stories go between six to twelve chapters, so if you agree just be aware of the full project. Don't be afraid to keep on me for more, this will not go to the editor or be put on site until complete. 
      Sample -
      Seth strode nervously back and forth before the large fireplace. Something was bothering him and he couldn’t figure out what it was. He paused before a large window, staring out into the dark night, watching the snow swirl as it fell past him. The trees waved their skeletal limbs in the wind that was blowing.
      “I don’t know what is wrong, but I intend to find out,” he whispered  to himself.
      Grabbing his jacket from the chair, Seth nearly flew across the room, slipping it on as he headed out into the hallway. He found himself nearly running down the hall, but as he reached the stairway he stopped and looked around.
      “Come out, Daniel. I know you are there.
      A shadow seemed to move from the hallway and suddenly a tall thin man in a dark suit stood before Seth.
      “You called for me, Sir.” Daniel stood at perfect attention, appearing as though this late night mission was a common occurrence.
      Seth shook his head. “Something is wrong, Daniel. I’m not sure what it is. Have the men check the property immediately!”
      “Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir!”
      Seth watched as Daniel nearly flew down the staircase and vanished from view. As he made his way down the stairs he sense that something was wrong only increased. He took a deep breath, and removed his coat. He crossed over to the lounge, opening the door wide, and turned on all the lights in the room. He tossed his coat on the nearest chair and looked around the room. Then, to keep himself occupied, he worked on lighting the fire in the fireplace.
      “Who left all the lights on? I’ll have … oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there, Angel.”
      Seth looked up to find Valerie standing in the doorway. Her raven tresses now shot through with silver, did little to mar her beauty. She stood straight as a tree, but her figure was still that of young maid. Her smile gave no trace of her age, but she had been his nursemaid, teacher, and was one of the few people that Seth could count on growing up.
      If this interests you feel free to contact me. Thank you.
      Wayne aka comicfan
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