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Seeking patient editor for new story.

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Hello Everyone,


I am new to the site.  I am an aspiring author with a story idea.  The name of the story is “Suddenly Somebody” and it is a coming of age story that resolves around 15-year-old Cameron “Cam” Casey and his family and friends as he auditions and participates in a reality television singing competition called “The Next Superstar.”


I am seeking an editor to help me by correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax as well as helping to enforce plot consistency, character trait conformity, and overall readability.  The plan is to write and publish a chapter (~4K words) a week to major websites such as gayauthors.org and nifty.org and then eventually self-publish the completed story.  My story outline for the first book contains 26 chapters.  I have a basic outline created and 2 chapters completely written. 


I have not worked with an Editor before.  I write with MSWord.  Not sure how the editing process will work and looking for your guidance and expertise. 

If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know so we can discuss further.  I have attached a sample from the first chapter so that you can gauge my limited skills and decide how much effort will be needed.


If anyone is interested in helping, please let me know and we can discuss further.  I have a sample of the first chapter to provide if needed to gauge my limited skills.


Thank you,



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