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My newest story, You Don't Know Me, places a fiftyish year old man in the body of a fifteen year old. It does set me to wondering - what would you do with a second chance like that? Not starting over in the childhood you had, to make different choices but to grow up in the now knowing what you do. What would you do? What risks might you take or different roads might you travel?

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The interesting thing is....what timeline would you be in?


Honestly, if I went back to my teen years back in the early eighties, I don't know if I would be anymore out than I was the first time. I always believe certain circumstances mold us into who we are, so going back with the knowledge sounds like a great idea, but would it really change much.


With You Don't Know Me, I'm guessing that he has gone into Drake's body in the current time line. He was 50 married and kids but it didn't seem like he went back in time. Also, this time he has things that he thinks is important to his self confidence, looks, charm, and hopefully the ability to change his attitude. Still, the knowledge that there is rejection, bullying, harassment if you come out, like he remembers when he was a teen, must weigh heavy on if he would come out again. He can have all the superficial changes he wants, but his memories of his former life must be a driving factor.


I'm enjoying this story and can't help to think to myself 'what if'. :P Especially since we are like 4 months away from the big five oh.


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Going back to our own childhood might let us correct mistakes we made or even take advantage financially, knowing certain things that will become successful. Would we come out? My guess is we may still not because the climate around us wouldn't have changed. But to start in the present day with that knowledge has benefits and drawbacks. One drawback is technology - depending on your profession you may or may not use a great deal of technology but today's kids are raised with it so they are far more natural with it than an older generation. Benefits in navigating the world, though, would probably make it worth it.

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I'm not sure my life would be much different, if I lived it all over again, apart from avoiding a few :pinch: embarrassing moments. Don't ask :X


What I like about your story is the main character gets a second chance for himself as well as for the jerk whose body he has taken over. 


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If you were looking for a story - this is my first to hit number on for a day! It has some great reviews so if you haven't check it out!

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