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"Help [Fantasy Writers] , you're my only hope."

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I'm totally lost. After having to loose my cool with new MS 10 updates or lack of, I've been trying to get a hold of what exactly it is I want. I love this site so far however, I never have the time to add anything because of time constraints. I have over 30 comp. Books with material to upload, I'm an old soul that perfers to write my thoughts down, and I apologize for lurking. I've also discovered other websites for example : Medium, which is a beautiful site : WordPress which is where I am trying to create my website and: a UK site that allows fans to subscribe to the blog /stories which in turn helps to publish your works in different formats to be purchased at stores similar to Barnes and Noble.

I am confused as to what I can write according to my interests and how to tag, what words are allowed, categories etc. GA, I understand doesn't want certain "restricted" descriptive words so it makes me a bit hesitant to upload anything for fear of subjecting you all to any consequences. 

Medium allows you to create a "UNIQUE, POSITIVE" site which is protected for all artists, but I still need to research their respective site. 

I am not in any way suggesting, coercing or trying to persuade any one individual by mentioning the above sites and I'm just looking for your information for this respective site, Gay Author's. 

I didn't have the time to edit this, again time constraint, so if I seem confusing and scattered brained, then I've succeeded in at least nothing. I have read guidelines but still can't grasp the do's and don'ts. Maybe I'm just overthinking this, or I'm just a little bit technology challenged. I can clarify my confusion as you hopefully comment. 


Lost "in a galaxy far, far away," but always knaughty af, 


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I'm sorry, I found that a bit too meandering.  There is a step-by-step process for becoming an author on the site along with how to post:


If you decide to post, please pay attention to the posting rules. Do not flood the system with multiple chapters and stories all at once.

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@MountMe75 As a new author, any story that you post is subject to the moderation queue and if there is anything out of bounds, it will be brought to your attention before it is posted to the general site.  I hope you do get something together as I kind of enjoy your stream of conscience style....DDK

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