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You are the child of a small-time university astronomer living in the Southwest United States. Your father is scheduled to give a lecture at the local university, regarding the possibility of life on other planets. The night before his big speech, however, you encounter a strange boy sitting on the open window sill of your bedroom---two hundred feet above the floor of the canyon your house is built over. He tells you that there are two factions currently engaged in a war for the Earth. One offers protection, but at a terrible cost. The other threatens humanity's total extinction unless we surrender without a fight. The only way to avoid both outcomes, he says, is for the two of you to find a mysterious object that can activate a defensive shield around the planet, thereby repelling the attack. Before you can reply, a loud crash sounds from the front hallway. The invaders have sent an advance team to eliminate your family. How do you and your unwitting companion respond?

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