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Jesse-101 Chapter 23 Is Up!

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Hehehe, yes, I am aware that you guys just got a new "Jesse-101" chapter a few weeks ago! Well, now you get another one! I hope you guys like it! And let me know what you think when you guys get a chance! K?


"Jesse-101" was a story that was inspired by my earliest experiences with YouTube vlogs when they were really taking off! I thought that was the coolest thing in the world, that your average teenager could basically have his own TV show online and share it with the whole world! Shortly after, the Shack had a game where we tested our 'gaydar'! I chose about 15 to 20 teens and college students with multiple videos on their channel, and half of them were openly gay, half of them were straight. (ALL of them cute, of course!) And everyone had to look for certain hints or cues or mannerisms to figure out which was which. It was a fun exercise, and there were some surprises too for everybody involved.


Thus, the idea of "Jesse-101" was born! And here we are! Twenty Three chapters later! Thanks for supporting this story from the very beginning! I couldn't let a 20 year anniversary celebration pass by without adding this Shack favorite to the list! Have fun! :)

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