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I slept super late today! And even then, I just stayed in bed for a while. I just wanted to take the time to truly appreciate my day off! And I'm in the BEST of moods, right now! Sweet! And I switched days with somebody at work because it's her birthday (You've GOTTA celebrate your birthday! How can I say no?), so that means I have tomorrow off too! That's the best news ever!


My laptop has been updated with the new Microsoft 'let's break everything and make it un-usable' update! And I still have that tree in my backyard and a busted fence! LOL! I mean, it's been cut down into smaller pieces and all, but we can't haul it away until the ground in our backyard isn't so wet. I mean...it doesn't rain every day or anything, but it's enough to keep a truck's tires stuck in the mud while trying to get the power to pull a giant friggin' FOREST tree out of the yard. So yeah...it's still, like, total destruction back there. Que sera sera!

ANYWAY...just wanted to pop in and say hi! I might try to pop in to the chatterbox chatroom later on tonight. I can't make any promises, but I'll try to stop by for a little while and give you all cuddles. K?


In the meantime, I'm gonna give the new "Billy Chase" chapter some polish and post it! It's a bigger than normal chapter, so give me some time to make sure it's not embarrassingly bad. Hehehe! Seezya soon!


While you wait...


I fuckin' *LOVE* this song and video!!! Omigod, it's an obvious nod to old school Prince! Which is CLASSIC! I think Janelle Monet came out. Not like in a major announcement kinda way, but, yeah...she likes women. Or perhaps both. But, last I heard, she was dating Tessa Thompson (Who played 'Valkerie' in Thor Ragnarok), which is just plain HOT! Love you, Janelle!!! Mwah!



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