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Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC Friends 

just wanted to stop in and say good morning.

i found quote on the internet:

 “Some days, no matter how much You tell yourself to remain positive, it is just impossible.”

this is my struggle right now. 

how are things with you ?

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1 hour ago, Kitt said:

Good morning all.

Think I would drink more than wine. 

Am i the only one who

a) flushes sediment from the heater annually.  


b ) inspects the sacrificial annode at the same time?

Had the heater in the trailer the barn hand lives in fail a few weeks back. Asked the boss, an electrical engineer who went back to school and obtained a teaching degree, when was the last time those two things were done?  His answer:

"Whats a sacrificial annode?"

Could be something as simple as a B vitamine deficiency. B's are water soluble, so it becomes easy to flish out more than you take in, especially in hot weather.

You're supposed to flush a water heater?

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Good morning all.  I caught up like 8 pages, so there was a lot happening.  Glad to see mostly folk are doing well.  

Hope those with situations in flux find happy easy solutions.   


Happy Thursday.  I really want a vacation.  But none allowed right now.   We are having a wee bit of a staffing shortage.  Sigh. 

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31 minutes ago, mollyhousemouse said:

i never knew......


Hey, you knew more than most peeps seem to!  The rest is just the science geek in me.

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8 hours ago, Kitt said:

Also prolongs its life.

Keeping the sacrificial anode in decent shape is important too. It's a zinc bar that hangs in the tank dispelling any electrolysis similar to the zinc plates on a boat. As the name implies, the process eats away at the zinc instead of the heater works, and must be replaced periocically.

Ok, the chemistry major in me will shut up now.

I am not going to pretend I know what that means.  I suppose you pronounce anion to rhyme with zion, not onion.

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