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5 hours ago, Headstall said:

Happy Tuesday, all. :hug:  Turning cold here. I'm praying we won't see snow. Have a good day, my friends. 

It was a pleasant day here reached 70/21° with partly cloudy skies. I did a bit off work outdoors. The forecast is for it to turn chilly during the day tomorrow. Fortunately the ocean water temp is in the mid-60's/18° so that plus a light wind should keep us frostfree here along the coast

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16 minutes ago, dughlas said:

How did he get sand on his jaw without it getting on his wet tee shirt?

:rofl: Good eyes Dughlas

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1 hour ago, Headstall said:

So, there was a 10 inch sliding, laser mitre saw on sale this week, and I mentioned to my son that I should buy it. My kids ended up going in on it together for me. It's my very early Father's Day gift. :)  

Cool. Whatcha gonna do with it?

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