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Just now, Albert1434 said:

Do they hurt Clo?

When it's being done yes. Kinda like a little needle and the slap of an elastic. Some parts hurt more than others. The back of the knees, back bottom of the ankle and the upper inside of the tights are really sensitive. On the face it's the upper lip that really hurts. Just like tattoos I guess, it's where the skin in the thinner and where there are a lot of nerves. 

But with time the hairs are getting thinner and less darker so it hurt less and you get use to it too. 

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Normally like for the legs, depending of the darkness of the original hairs and they're density, it take 8 to 10 sessions to be hairless for about 10 years. After that it's just maintenance once in a while.

But mine is hormonale due to PCOS so even though they are thinner and less numerous it always comes back. 

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