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2 hours ago, dughlas said:

Yeah, go ahead and laugh I'm not likely to ever see those pics.

Don't lose hope, look at Albert he still runs to the mailbox every morning hoping to receive those red speedo pictures from Australia :gikkle:

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3rd shot of vaccin opened to everyone over 18 (if there's at least 5 month since the 2nd one).

Trying to get an appointment since 4pm but the website drowning under too much connections. Over 500 000 connections the hour following the Health Minister's speech. 

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6 hours ago, Albert1434 said:

Aloha Dughlas and  mum  hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving!:kiss::hug:

It was a lovely, though exhausting day, thank you. There were eight friends plus mum and I at the table.

I hope you and Steve had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

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On 11/25/2021 at 8:58 AM, Albert1434 said:

Aloha Bucket how is your day going!

It was toasty. Only 33C but we are not used to the warm weather just yet. One of the women I work with asked if she was going through menopause. Had to tell her no, we are all feeling the heat.

Hotter on the weekend

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10 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

I bought a shirt for Max. It says "Do you even lift, Bro?", with a silhouette of a lad lifting a ballerina into the air. I think he'll enjoy it as a Christmas present.  :)

I think it wonderful that you and Morgan are supportive of Max's interest in dance. Too many dads would not be.

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