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CoTT 2 House of Cards


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2 hours ago, clochette said:


It's freezing but very sunny here.

Happy Valentine's day everyone. Kiss your lover, if you don't have one hug your cat/dog and then again I you don't, have chocolates. Or you know what, enjoy the 3! ;) 




Morning Clo :hug: 

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18 hours ago, Randy Wade said:

We are muddy and icy. rather have the white than the ice. Though I am ready for the green

I remember that kind of weather. Back home March is the season of the Mud Sale. No we don't sell mud. Think of a combination auction/flea market as a fundraiser for local volunteer fire departments.

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10 hours ago, Headstall said:

It was confetti out of a balloon they both pricked at the same time. They didn't know until then... only her mother knew. :) 

So are you gonna use your fallback ... 🤐

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1 hour ago, Thorn Wilde said:

Morning, everyone! Just another Thursday for me, never really cared for this particular holiday, but to those who do, Happy Valentine's Day! Hug your loved ones, and practice some self-love while you're at it. :heart: 


Hi Thorn :hug: 

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