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*Sneak Peek* Unnamed WIP


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This is roughly 1600 words (chapter). definitely +18 and for the non-squeamish.


It is not the first chapter.


Right now it's pretty much talking heads with a bit of scenery.  But it does have plot, (even for a bare bones chapter) which is important.


There are "taboo" topics in here... the young men in the story are college age.


This is non-shifter but may have some other paranormal aspects associated with Alpha, Beta, Omega genders.


This is not a D/s story.


Everyone will be safe, sane, and mostly consensual as defined by the world building. 


let me know what you think... love it, hate it, or whatever in between...




Kaz cannon balled into the pool where his cousin and his cousin’s best friend lounged on rafts.

“Kaz! You idiot.  What are you doing?”

“You looked too serious for the pool,” Kaz said as he splashed the boys.

“We were discussing how we felt about being omegas.”

“Are you omegas or are you just considering the idea of being omegas?”

Rayne flipped over, they were nude in the pool, “What do you think from a visual inspection?”

“It would be quite useless for fucking, I have to admit,” Kaz commented after making a show of studying Rayne’s groin.  “Do you even have gonads?”

“Yes, here look,” Rayne pulled on his scrotum, pulling the skin tight over his testicles.

“Ah, you do!” he laughed and splashed them again before diving under the water and tipping them over.

Rayne sputtered in the deep-end of the pool.  It was over his head, but he was capable of swimming.  Karton and Kaz both came up near him.  Kaz grabbed him around his waist and dragged one of the random noodles in the pool over.

“Thank you, Alpha,” Rayne said softly once he had his arms draped over the noodle.

“Not a problem, Rayne,” Kaz responded as his stroked his hand over Rayne’s lower belly.

“You really shouldn’t, Alpha.”

“I know,” Kaz said as his hand dipped lower to check for Rayne’s gonads himself.  Rayne shuddered against him.

This time Karton splashed them, “Break it up over there!”

Rayne laughed, “We’re not doing anything!”

“No, Cousin, we are not doing anything, just helping Rayne. I’m holding his noodle, so he doesn’t drown.”

“Sure, you are,” Karton laughed as he said it.  “I’m going to get drinks, want anything?”

“Water will do, thank you.”

“I’ll take a water too,” Kaz said and let his hand trail even lower before coming back upward again.


“Yes, Alpha?”

“Are you going to…” he patted Rayne’s cock, “get it all Clipped?”

“I’ve considered it.”

“I have too,” Kaz admitted.

“You?” Rayne asked in surprise.

“No, you… round here and,” he moved his hand from just below Rayne’s naval to the base of his cock, then dipping lower still, “smooth here.” Then his other hand trailed down Rayne’s crevasse to caress the puckered flesh of his entrance, “and open here.” 

“Please?” Rayne pressed back against him, brushing against Kaz’s very erect cock.

Karton tossed closed water bottles into the pool before jumping in.

“You only need ask,” Kaz said as he pressed the tip of his finger into the tightness.

Rayne shuddered.  He reached back and brushed his hand along Kaz’s cock which jerked under his fingers.

“Beautiful, Omega mine,” he whispered, then swam away in search of a water bottle.

“So, what are you talking about?” Karton asked when he reached Rayne in the water. Kaz had retrieved his water and had a noodle of his own now.  He still managed to get his feet tangled with Rayne’s though.

“Clipping,” Rayne said.

Karton groaned. “That’s all everyone is talking about.  When to get it done. What they want done. How to celebrate getting it done. Alpha talked to me the other day since we’re pretty sure my results are going to be conclusive.”

“What did you decide?”

“He wants to do a banding because both my brothers were banded. But my cousin who lives at the capital had his sliced, I think I want that.  I like the way it looks better once it healed, although he said it took a long time to heal.”

“My cousin was banded.  It was fine, but his scrotum took forever to fall off and his scar is ugly.”

“There is that,” Karton said “Which should I do, Kaz, banded or sliced?”

“Who cares? They’re your balls.”

“You could always keep them,” a new voice said from the house side of the pool.

“Karton,” his Alpha called him from next to the petite man, “Omega Services is here to see you.  Talk to him.”

“Yeah, I should go,” Rayne told his friend as they climbed out of the pool on the far side.  Their towels were there.

“Or you could stay,” Kaz suggested, “we both could.”

“It’s ‘Omega’ Services, Kaz,” Karton reiterated, complete with air quotes.

“Have it your way.  I’ll just stay out here and keep Rayne company,” he winked at Rayne as he lowered his voice and added, “without a chaperone.”

“Oh fine,” Karton gave in, then yelled across the pool, “If you want to talk come on over.” Then he threw himself in a chair. 

Rayne took the lounge chair facing Kaz, which left one chair for the services guy. 

“My name is Belron, as the Alpha said, I’m with Omega Services.  Which of you is Karton?”

Karton raised his hand, “That would be me.”

“And who are your… friends?”

“The Alpha is my cousin, Kaz.  He’s my chaperone today.  I’m not allowed to be alone with strangers.”

“I’m Raynell Harcourt and I’m chaperoning Karton, because he knows he’s not allowed to be alone with Alphas either, even if they are his cousin.”

“Ah, yes, the other Harcourt Omega, you were on my list too.  Good we can do this at the same time if you don’t mind discussing your genitals with an Alpha present.”

“I’m actually more objectionable to having a stranger present,” Karton said.

“Yeah, I don’t know who the Harcourt Omega is as that position has been empty since my Papa passed.  Alpha is yet unmated to my knowledge, and I’m not all that comfortable discussing my cock and balls with strangers,” Rayne agreed.  “Furthermore, any requests or suggestions for breeding me needs to go through Alpha.”

 “But you don’t mind putting yourselves on display?”

“Hot day and I’m working on my tan,” Karton replied, “and you came here.  We didn’t come to you.”

“What does Omega Services do anyway?”

“We protect young omegas from the pressure of removing their genitals,” he began. “Or from being pressured into early loss of their virginity. You already have an Alpha, Raynell?”

“I do.  He will take care of my virginity with vigorous enthusiasm, I’m sure.  All I’ll have to do is show up and that might be optional. So why worry about it?”

Belron turned scarlet.

“If your Alpha isn’t able, tell him to give me a call.  I can take his place.”

“Thanks, Kaz, I’ll be sure to tell him.”

“I’m actually looking forward to losing my virginity,” Karton said with a sly grin.  “I’m taking my own set of sheets though, so the stained ones can’t be displayed the next night at dinner.”

“No way!” Rayne crowed, “which of your brothers did that happen to?”

“Both of them, but it’s not going to happen to me.  No way, no how.”

Rayne and Kaz both started laughing at his serious expression.

“Um, back to your genitals…” Belron attempted to steer the conversation back to where he wanted it to go.  “Clipping is the worst kind of mutilation that can be done to any male…”

“Are you Clipped?” Kaz asked seriously.

“I am,” Belron admitted, “but I didn’t want to be or need to be.  My Alpha father had me tied down while he banded my genitals and left me tied up for nearly a day until the procedure was irreversible.”

“Ouch,” Karton grabbed his groin.

“So, I guess I’m going with being sliced,” Rayne said as he pantomimed cutting his cock with scissor fingers. 

“There are non-surgical ways to…”

“Look, Belron,” Karton said, “if I do prove to be omega, which I haven’t yet, so this conversation may be a bit premature, I will have my Clipping. Bye-bye balls.  Maybe even bye-bye cock, I’ve not decided yet.  But trying to scare me out of doing it isn’t going to happen.  I may ask Alpha to allow me to postpone, but I will be Clipped. It won’t be because someone forced me either.”

“And you, Raynell?”

“My Alpha knows what is best for me.  I will do as told, when I’m told.”

“Have you considered you are approaching the wrong people, Belron?  Convincing Alphas that intact omegas are more desirable or even more interesting would be the better way to achieve your goals. Even if neither is true.  Clipped omegas are desirable, the smoother the better, in my opinion.  And their genitela just aren’t all that interesting.  Omega cocks usually too small to fuck with, if they could find an Alpha willing to let them.  I guess oral would be an option, but honestly, Clipping don’t hinder that either.  So long as everyone is consenting… who cares?”

“Clipping causes depression.  The suicide rate of omegas within six months of Clipping is much higher than any population.”

“Maybe that’s because of experiences like yours, but safe, sane Clippings are not traumatic.  Many omegas look forward to being Clipped.  They know their Alphas appreciate it. Just because you weren’t one of them does not make it wrong for everyone.”  Kaz stood up, “I’ll escort you out, the kiddies can chaperone each other.”

“But…” Belron sputtered, “I’m not done.”

“Yeah, you are.  At least with these two.”  Kaz wrapped one of his large hands around the Omega’s upper arm and tugged.  It was either go with him or be dragged.

Once he was gone Karton lay back in the chair, “Most the time I don’t think about my junk, but lately it seems that’s all I’m thinking about.  I guess Alpha and I need to talk soon.”

“Yeah, me too.  Let me know when you’re getting Clipped, I’ll be there for you.”

“Same,” Karton said.

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