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Dining-themed Story: Need Editor and Beta Reader(s)

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It might come to some as a surprise, but I come from a background in the restaurant business. I grew up with food as my father was a line cook/sous chef and my mother is currently a restaurant manager. I may not be able to perform many of the fine knife cuts, the sauce work, or simple butchery that others can do due to my eyesight, but I've tasted a lot of different things.


Thanks to my time working with @Nick Brady, I have begun to write using my experiences as a premise and focus on a modern fiction story featuring restaurant environment. I have styled my story after a classic 17 course french dinner menu.


So far, I have written 51,240 words and 17 chapters,


The Novel is now complete:


I need help with proofreading and editing


Updated: March 30th 2019


Edited by W_L
Finished Novel
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