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Prompt #746 - Creative

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As a child you had always hoped to grow plants and flowers, but no matter what you did they died. Today you were brought to the main education center to be tested for your natural talent. As you walk you hear people being told they are heroes, muses, a god of the forests, and even demigods. You test quickly before you are even mentally prepared you’re informed of your new career. Congratulations on being chosen as an Angel of Death. What’s your next step?

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    • By Page Scrawler
      You dared your brother to enter an abandoned house the two of you had found in the woods. You watched him go inside the house. Twenty years later, the authorities still haven't solved the mystery of how he vanished. One day, you crash into someone at the supermarket, and meet a teenage boy who looks exactly like your brother.
    • By Page Scrawler
      When I looked in the back seat of my new ride, the silver glint of a funerary urn caught my eye. "Oh, great, now I'm a kidnapper!"
    • By Page Scrawler
      As the son of Heaven's Ambassador to Hell, you find yourself at a very boring, if tense, formal banquet thrown by the Lord of Hell, Lucifer himself. Looking for a restroom, you find yourself in Lucifer's private library. The only other occupant is a skinny youth with draconian wings, a barbed tail, and two small horns half-hidden by long, emo-styled hair. As he walks over to you, you notice that he appears about 19. Aside from that, he looks very cute underneath his reddened skin. When you strike up a conversation, he tells you that he is the youngest of Lucifer's 666 children. He offers to give you a tour of the manor...starting with his bedroom. What happens next?
    • By Brayon
      In the Tabletop Role-Playing Game Dungeons and Dragons, one of the most infamous artifacts is called a Deck of Many Things. These decks of cards bring both Good and Bad Fortune. Draw one, three, or five cards, your choice, and see what the fates bring you. You can find the Deck of Many Things, listed online with an explanation of what each card does. Or, like many Dungeon Masters, create your own deck.
       If you create your own deck, this is the general break down:
      Good Cards = Five or Six.
      Neutral Cards = Three or Four.
      Bad Cards = Six or Seven.
      Card Examples:
      One card grants a Significantly Powerful Magical Item, tailor for the character.
      One card grants a fortress to the character. Brand new, fully functional, and fully stocked.
      One card grants a Powerful Extraplanar Rival. A Demon or Devil develops a hatred for the character and will try to kill them.
      One card sucks the soul out of the character and is obliterated forever.
      The Prompt:
      A mysterious fortune teller meets you on the side of the road, and you decided to have your fortune read. Afterward, she offered to let you choose one, three, or five cards from a special deck of cards. She shows you the pictures on these cards, and you decide to test your luck. How many cards do you choose, and what new fate happens to you?
    • By Page Scrawler
      Well. It's been quite a long while, but hopefully my skills aren't too rusty!
      You were born in a world of magic. Everyone---from the lowest thief to the wisest sage---has magical abilities of one kind or another. All except for....you. It's not simply that you have no talent. Rather, you can't muster even a single spark of energy. How do you compensate for this lack of power? What are some advantages and disadvantages of this anomaly? How do you view the world differently because of this?
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