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When Writing Becomes Deeply Personal

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I heartily agree with this article. But I also think that too much emotion/drama can detract from the plot; the writer must be careful to find the balance. Thanks for sharing this, A!

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Interesting ... but what i do works i think. Everything i write is personal... i think that goes for most people.

There are good points but i think you have to be careful not to jump onto every new thing you read. Rather you should write and develop your own style, your own way. Use the tools we have and frankly, they include both show and tell.  And the biggest issue many authors have is not waiting ... they post work too soon, rather than waiting. The work may sit idle on your computer, but it isn't in your brain ... you continue to hone it there, and when you open that work again.. you can see it.. and make it better.   Let your work rest.. do yourself a favour. 

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To be honest, I can be really 'moody' sometimes. Hehehe! Not in a bad way, just...my emotions guide me with everything that I do. So writing something emotional is often as much of a surprise to me as it is to anyone who reads it. I have to feel my way around and experience the moment. I channel my current feelings into every word. When I'm happy, when I'm angry, when I'm horny, when I'm heartbroken...anyone reading my stories will be able to truly feel what I was feeling when I wrote it. I don't know how to plan for it, and I cant force it...but when the time is right...I can sit at this keyboard and type all night.

I kinda like that, though. It's my commentary on my life in general. Like taking a photo and saying, "Oh wow...so this is where my head was at that particular moment". Hehehe, makes for good memories.

Honestly...I go back and read some of my old chapters every once in a while, and it's like, "Whoah! Did I write that? What the...?" 

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@Comicality really sums up exactly how I feel. In the blog post the author talks about a lot of things, including the power of words, but above all he mentions one point that sticks for me intimacy. When I writer I go through the emotional roller coaster Comicality describes and when it's good it pours out. I'm having an intimate relationship with my unknown readers, I'm telling a story, but at the same time I'm right there inside those characters. There are little bits of me scattered over the pages of my book, and that's what I love, I'm living in lots of different worlds playing lots of different roles, something you can only do in writing.

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