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Grey Light Darkening (After the Gallery)

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Grey light darkening, filled the spaces

Between the trees, and then a breeze

Sighed cool against our faces:

Our senses awakened to Nature’s caresses.


Along the sylvan path we made our way,

Towards the gentle murmur of the falls;

Two sibling streams each coursed into a bay,

The brother larger than the sister small.


(From off the path the bridge bisects,

We thought to capture these prospects.)


Upon the bridge we marked the tangled copse,

The owners of the pup in a papoose;

In front three dogs upon their leashes strained,

A fourth was large and proud and on the loose.


With twilight’s creeping shadow close at hand,

The moon did o’er the leafy canopy glance, and

Bathed in sapphire light the old bandstand,

Where only ghosts to ghostly music dance.


(Oh! What joy will Summer bring,

Once roused by the voice of Spring?)


Along the muddy track in quietude,

My thoughts for my companion boldly turned -

(If I would only dare to take his hand)

To cross that anxious distance my heart yearned.


But I did not the hopeful deed perform,

Too shy was I to ever make the claim -

O rueful heart and cowardly soul!

Attendants to his ever-bright’ning flame:


(There on our palms might sages see,

How Fate may weave her ministry?)


Then home we climbed up steep’ning hill,

With measured tread to stop our slide,

The evening sky grown dark and chill,

Upon pre-vernal winds did ride.

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