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requesting an editor

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i am just coming off a couple of years of writers block and want to get back into writing stories i have in the works for a while. 

story 1 the new spartans

I have already written the first chapter of this story. a young man 16 years old grew up in a militia group whose leaders (ex military) has been building an army of young men using the methods of the spartans, taken from his mother at seven and trained as a soldier. he escaped and is now looking for revenge. there are a few twists in the story.


Story 2 the decade

this is a fantasy story. after a long period of war and UN type of army was created to keep the peace. this was based on merit. my story takes place two hundred years later. the decade no longer stands for what it should and now a new threat is on the horizon. a reformation style religious sect is growing which splits society and the decade. can the decade stop this threat. 

Story 3 the hangman

this story is about a superhero similar to batman, no superpowers just training. it is based in the 1700s london and the hangman is a hero whose secret identity in a highway man called tyburn newgate alias the hangman. the first book will cover is rise and his enemies 

story 4 untitled

for this story i will need a second authors help. the story will be letters sent between pen pals. one a death row inmate waiting for his execution date and the other a teenager who started to write for a school project. each  author will write one of the characters letters and the other will respond. 



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