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Last Post Wins #49

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*calls the Mounties to have the deposed despot arrested for violating the poor shiny*  :unsure:  Poor shiny... *douses the shiny in cooties remover and sets up daily counseling sessions for the poor, traumatized thing*  :unsure:  :joe: 

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And back to the mighty, downy coated raptor once again.

Any one who invades my Personal Space today won't get to share the Mason Jar that Mississippi will be passing around today. It will be filled with Mousse instead of what you might expect. Make sure your computer is protected. Today, Stay Home Because You're Well.

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Hey! Who stole the fur lined shiny whilst I was sleeping 💤 😠 

*grabs shiny and puts it back where it will be safe. 


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2 hours ago, Slytherin said:

Keep the Shiny, Steve! :lol:

I’ll have this one instead :boy: (and my pink ear muffs) :funny:

Why thank you LBO :hug:



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Rescues the shiny and flies it away from all this bickering.

Eat a Red Apple made into a Pie today. Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day is today. I wear my pair of prescription reading glasses when using electronics. Don't go another Day With(out) Art day.

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