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*Sneak Peek* Lucid Love

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This is part of the new story entitled "LUCID LOVE" which I actually started writing some time ago.  The actual story has changed from time to time, and is somewhat based on someone that I actually that I met a few years ago.  No, the story is "FAKE" but some of the feelings and emotional connection are based on this person that knew.  The story is MATURE CONTENT and the segment that I'm posting here for feedback does contain MATURE CONTENT.

I'm hoping to get back into writing as soon as possible and I'm going head strong with this project as long as the passion burns of course.  Even if no one likes it I'll probably keep going with it because I actually enjoy just escaping with my words.





A gorgeous slender twenty-four-year-old boy stood in the doorway of the trashy motel room staring out at the empty parking lot, holding a joint between his lips.  His button-down shirt hung open revealing his smooth chest.  Relaxed and happy, David smiled taking a deep drag filling his lungs.  He coughed, knowing that it was a pure intoxicating weed and that his high was pushing him higher than he’s ever been before.  He tried to hold back a smile and remain serious, but was quite impossible and the moment overtook him.  He thought about everything going on in his life, and a tear rolled down his face.  Quickly he wiped the tear wanting to hide it from anyone that would see him.

“Hey, I’m not done with you yet.”  An older gruff voice jabbed from inside the dark motel room.

David rolled his eyes, dragging one last time on the joint, and flicking the butt off in front of him.  He watched it bounce on the macadam, and walked back into the room, shutting the door behind him.

The older man, probably somewhere in his sixties, overweight and disgusting sat on the edge of the bed wearing only a pair of loose boxers not pleasing to the eyes of anyone that would see him.  He stared at David’s body like a piece of meat, licking his lips ready to rip into him.  He tried to imagine what his body was like under his clothes.  “You fucking owe me.”  He stood up moving over and grabbing hold of David’s shirt.

“What the fuck, you need to back off.”  David pushed back violently on the man knocking him back towards the bed.  He made his way nervously over towards the door, wanting to leave this pervert as quickly as possible.

Breathing heavily, wanting now to beat the shit out of David instead of caressing his body in pleasure.  He stood up, his blood boiling hot as he rushed over towards the fleeing boy, pushing him down on the second bed. The man anxiously jumped on top of David straddling him and holding him down on the bed.  David struggled to try to push the man off.  The man reached for David’s neck with both hands, squeezing the life from his body.  

“Now we’ll see what the fuck you do for me.”  The man sadistically smiled at the sight of David’s red face as he squeezed harder.

Kicking and struggling from the grasp of the man’s hands, David wheezed and coughed as much as he could, trying to get this sicko off him.

“Will you do what I want?”  The man pulled David’s head off the bed wanting him to get the point of his control.  Smiling and waiting for David’s answer, the man stared at his weak submissive prisoner.  He loosened his grip around the boy’s neck to give him a chance.

“Yes, sir.”  David struggled to get out hoping that the man would accept his answer.  Relieved by the man’s release of his neck, David reached up rubbing his throat, waiting for the consequences the man was ready to dish out.

“Get on your knees.”  The man remarked, moving off David and standing beside the bed.  His boner stood ready for attention behind his boxers.  He smiled as David just looked up at him surprised by the choice of punishment.

“Are you serious?”  David reluctantly moved over towards the edge of the bed, staring at the dick resting behind the man’s boxers.  “I thought you just wanted someone to keep you company?”  He knew what he had to do and if he didn’t comply, then this man was capable of something far more painful.  David got down on his knees, looking back and forth from the bulge to the man’s face hoping for mercy.

“You ready to suck my dick?”  The man reached for the waistband of his boxers, pulling them down enough so it was staring David in the face.

David winced from the awful stench coming from the man’s crotch.  “I can’t do this, I’ll give you your mon--”  David stopped as a hand crashed hard against the side of his face, knocking him off to the side startled by the painful blow.  “What the fuck?”  Rubbing the sting on his face, David almost cried from the impact and the nightmare unveiling in front of him, but he remained calm knowing that the faster he did this he could actually get out.

“I don’t want my fucking money back.  I want your mouth on my DICK.”  The man grabbed David’s head forcing it back in front of his dick.  “Now put your mouth on my dick and suck.”

David’s mouth opened to breathe in some fresh air but instead, the man forced the disgusting dick into his mouth, jabbing the back of his throat.  Gagging on the monstrous beast, David pushed back on the man’s body but was held in place by the man’s hands on the back of his head.

It felt like hours as David continued to suck the man off and bring him to a pleasurable moment.  The man finally pushed David off and he fell back, resting against the bed as the man blew his orgasmic fluid all over David’s face.  It was easy for David to escape this moment by simply closing his eyes and pretending that he was somewhere else, anywhere but here.


David now stood in the small dirty bathroom of the motel room, staring at his reflection in the broken mirror thinking about what just happened and how his life got to be so bad.  How did he go from graduating high school in the top ten to a gutter filled with sweat and cum?  Turning on the faucet the water poured out and he reached over letting it pour into his hands.  He was stuck, lost in a world of despair as it washed over his fingers.  Finally, he splashed it on his face, hoping to wipe away the stench covering his face.  He leaned on the sink with his hands for a few moments, bowing his head as if praying to God for these memories to be taken from him.


David was now walking on the dark streets by himself.  Several cars passed by but was mostly deserted this late at night on the outskirts of town where plenty of bad deals and deadly transactions took place.  He made sure that he kept his eyes focused on the sidewalk in front of him not wanting anyone to think that he was prying into their business, one wrong glance could mean a bullet through the head.

His cell phone rang.  David jumped and glanced at the caller ID and saw that Franklin was checking in.  He knew that his customer probably called and complained and that Franklin was going to be pissed about the bad transaction tonight.  He decided to answer the call despite every bone in his body telling him to run for his life.

“Hey, Franklin.  What’s up?”  Anxiously waiting, hoping that everything would be okay.  David held his breath.

“You kidding me?  The customer didn’t pay you for tonight.”  Franklin’s anger came through the phone and David winced from the verbal beating.  “He only wanted you to stay with him and keep him company.”

“I know man, I’m sorry.  He was a prick though.”

“I don’t care if he was fat and ugly and sweaty all over.  He was paying you to stay with him and then leave after he fell asleep.  That’s why you’re in this business.”

“I know, but he wanted more than what he was gonna pay for.”

“You’re a bitch, that’s what you are and a bitch does what the customer wants.  If you don’t get paid then I don’t get paid.  He doesn’t sign a contract picking what job he wants to do.”

David stopped at the bus stop where a few other people were waiting and minding their own business.  “If you want me to pay for tonight I will.”

“You bet your fucking ass you’re gonna pay, and you’re gonna finish the job.  Go back to the motel and wait for him to come back.”

“What?”  The remark shocked David.  “I’m not going back to that guy there ain’t no way.”

“Not only are you going back to the customer, but you’re gonna be doing something free for him.  Whatever he wants you’re gonna spend the whole night with him.”  

The phone went dead before David got a chance to argue his protest.  Shoving his phone into his pocket, he stared at the people around him.  He smiled at them, hoping they didn’t understand the context of his conversation.  He stood there dumbfounded, trying to figure out what he was going to do.

The bus pulled up to the side of the curb and everyone made their way on.  David stood at the door considering his option.  He stared at the bus driver who was far beyond frustrated with David’s lingering at the door.

“Are you getting on or not?”  Agitated by David, he waited for the boy to either get on the bus or move back.

David smiled as he finally walked on the bus and made his way for a seat towards the back.  Many of the seats were empty, but he wanted as far as he could from the people that heard his discussion on the phone.  Humiliation was David’s kryptonite, and he wasn’t ready for wandering eyes staring at him, trying to figure out what he did for a living.

He finally sat down on a seat beside an older businessman in his forties reading a newspaper, trying to ignore everything going on around him.  “Sorry, is it okay if I sit here?”  David remarked, being embarrassed by the fact that he sat beside someone when there were empty seats available on most of the bus.  He smiled as the man ignored him, but that didn’t stop David.  “I know it seems like I could just get up and leave you here to your paper, but I like to meet new people.”  He waited for the man to respond.

The man chuckled, finally looking over at David.  He wore a business outfit that nicely fit his body and a tie loose around his neck.  “It’s fine, I don’t mind the company, folding up the paper and putting it off to the side.  “You’re quite engaging with strangers.”  He reached out a hand...........



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