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Imagine Magazine #59 Issue Is Up

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A brand new issue of Imagine Magazine is now live and available to you guys! New chapters from your favorite authors, a couple of extras, and some new series that you guys can get into while scanning the new to keep yourselves busy these days! Also, a short story from DK Daniels that you should definitely check out! And our featured author of the month is Myke D! So be sure to check out his first chapter, as well as my one on one interview with him about his ideas and his writing process! Cool?

Have fun, you guys! And give your fave authors a bit of feedback to let them know that you're reading! And in Imagine Magazine, we now have the new 'click' function going on, so you can just reach the end of the story and click the 'like' button if you want! Simple. Quick Easy. You'd have to deliberately AVOID clicking a button after reading somebody's hard work, so...you know...

...Don't be a dick. Hehehehe!

Love you lots! Enjoy the newest issue of Imagine Magazine! And stay safe out there! K?

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