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Imagine Magazine Question For 4/15


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I mean...we all 'look', don't we? 

Maybe it's a strictly male fascination, but comparing sizes, looks, length, girth...it's kind of a constant thing. Gay or not. (But MUCH more entertaining if you're gay! Hehehe!) You might just see somebody, and whether you're attracted to them or not, you might just wonder, "I wonder what he's packing down there." C'mon, be honest...you've thought about it. Lord knows I have!

So the question is...what do you think when it comes to 'size'? About your own, or about someone else's. Does it really matter to you? Do you find yourself comparing with your own? Have you ever been worried or insecure about how you match up to the guy next to you? Do you imagine a massive 'beef tube' when you're having sexy thoughts? Hehehe! What are your thoughts and experiences when it comes to penis size? Let us know!

As always, anonymous replies are welcome at Comicality@shackoutback.net or down in the replies below. I'd love to hear your comments on this, so open up and give us your two cents!

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Hehehe, yeah. From way back it was something that I was convinced everyone did. You know, compare and brag. The earliest example I can come up with was with a couple of cousins. We had some bet going who was the biggest and to record the results, we put our measurements of them on an etch-a-sketch "Measured line to represent graphically". How's that for record keeping? The weird thing was that we almost got measuring ourselves right without an internet to "Google" how to. Had to be hard, duh, but we measured along side instead of from the abdomen along its upper side. It was in fun and gave us all a giggle. From then on, if I was curious about a friend (and yes, it had to be a close friend) I'd find a way get the spirit of the competition up. "Yeah, I bet I'm bigger than you..." Hehehe! If it's a buddy, the bet is already on, just waiting on the right time for the gauntlet to be dropped.

I was actually above average for my age once I started to go through puberty. Almost as if that part of me got the growth spurt before the rest of me cause I was way shorter and skinnier than my friends. (I won quite a few of those bets!) Then as the rest of me caught up, I ended out being pretty average in size as an adult IMO. It's really never been anything important to me though. Honestly, from the hand full of actual experiences I have had with other guys, smaller is actually nicer to deal with. (Yeah, you heard me. LOL!) Sure, that big 10" pole that Mr. Wonderful may be sporting is awe inspiring but I'll be honest, too much work to deal with. A sexual partner I had for a short period of time was so insecure that he was barely hitting the 5" mark and no matter how much I tried to tell him it not only didn't matter but was actually more pleasurable for me, he remained insecure about it. Even intimidated by mine, which is only an inch bigger. It killed the relationship which I considered myself so lucky to actually find. But, life goes on right?

So, if you think you are too small or worried about what you are packing, remember that for many people, it doesn't matter. And if you want a second opinion, I will inspect it and end your concerns, free of charge! Hehehe!

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The earliest experience I can remember took place when I was maybe six years old. The church ladies were holding a PTA meeting at the (vacant) parsonage next to the church. I wandered into the kitchen, just looking at the details of the house. Some other kids, a boy and his brother, were also in the room. I don't remember how it started, but one of the boys flashed his penis, and I was really surprised to see that he wasn't wearing any undies beneath his Adidas shorts. I asked him about it, and we went to the playroom inside the church for more privacy. I never showed mine, though. There were a few other "glimpses" over the years; boys always seem to pull their pants down to their ankles until they're about eight or nine years old when they use the toilet. At that age, there isn't much remarkable difference in size or shape between penises, but I wasn't complaining, haha! The first time I had a real "comparison" was in the 6th grade. I was standing at a urinal before lunch recess, and I noticed that the "new kid" had a different look to his penis. It was longer than most other boys' penises I remember seeing, and it was pointed at the end, with no head! I asked him about it when we were serving detention together, and we dropped our pants in a dark corner of the room. We touched each other a bit, but since this was a privately funded school, the sex education program made no mention of anything beyond the basics, and I didn't know that the foreskin could be manipulated. We messed around a few times after that, but he seemed reluctant to go very far. When I graduated to the public middle school, I was determined to see as many penises as possible! Changing for gym was the most obvious choice, but the better (and safer) option was watching the other guys at the urinals. And I wasn't disappointed, hehehe! Seeing other guys' penises, with their different sizes and shapes, the color of their skin, the texture of a vein, and especially the pubic hair, or lack of it, made me feel better about the quality of my own "boyhood". I started growing pubic hair when I was about ten or eleven years old, and I felt reassured knowing that I had a head start on most other boys in the locker room. I have never felt insecure about my personal size...not even when my brother-in-law got out of the shower one morning after a sleepover. I'm aware that a guy's "size" is completely random, and nothing you do can change it. So, it doesn't help to worry about whether I'm "bigger" or "smaller" than someone else. As long as it works, I don't care!   :lol:

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I've never really been concerned with penis size, personally. It's just never really been an issue for me. Now...that's not to say that I'm walking around with fully grown WEASEL in my pants or anything! Hehehe! I think, growing up, I would just kind of look at it and figure 'it is what is. Then I'd just sort of shrug it off and keep going. I do remember some occasions when I felt good about it getting bigger, and that I had more hair down there than I did before, but I can't say that it was something I thought about much.

Did I peek at other boys/men? Of COURSE, I did! All the time. But by the time I was in a position to see other boys completely naked with any regularity, I was already coming to the conclusion that I was gay. Like, Junior High, High School showers, Boy Scouts, etcetera. So I was definitely watching but it was for 'other' reasons. :P

As for other guys'  sizes...that never really concerned me either. I figured that by the time I got you naked I was already interested. Unless it was disproportionately tiny or disproportionately MASSIVE...I, honestly, couldn't care less. I don't mind a certain amount of hair, unless the guy is choking me until I can't breathe with it, LOL! Also, I haven't seen that many uncut penises before in my life. I think I might have seen four...five, tops. But it's America, so it was a bit more rare when I was a kid.

Anyway, I've never been much of a size queen. I've always had fun with every specimen I've fooled around with so far! :)  

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