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Help Finding a Story - College Students get Custody SOLVED - Zack and Jay

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It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and life’s gotten away for a year or two.  I’ve been rereading some of my favorite stories but I’m having trouble finding one of them.  

The story deals with two college students, I believe at Harvard, and enter into a relationship.  They were spending their holidays with ones parents in Pennsylvania and the parents are friend with a judge.  Well over the course of a holiday they find out that one of the students brother and sister in law die in a car crash leaving a niece/nephew behind, in Colorado I believe.  They fly out there together and spend time with the parents and find out they were granted custody. Unsure what to do with it they thought the grand parents should have had custody but they were older and said it was their sons wishes they take care of the child.  They fly back to Pennsylvania with a baby in tow, I believe they get married. On the way back to school they take a stop at a roadside diner and one of the patrons said something bigoted.  When they return to the road they either see a sign about a missing child but they’re soon pulled over for kidnapping. They are arrested and separated, with their phone call they call the judge who comes down and rips the sheriff a new one. They move back to school housing for students who are married or with children. A while Later they have a honeymoon in Hawaii I think where one person has a prostate orgasm and was riding the edge for a good amount of time.

I don’t think the story was finished.  I’m pretty sure it was posted either here or on Nifty.  Any leads would be helpful.



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Edit: I found the story it’s called Zack and Jay and was posted on Nifty and JUB. Unfortunately it appears there was an abrupt stop after chapter 18. 

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