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If Only In My Dreams (Remixed)

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Many years ago, I wrote a story called "If Only In My Dreams" for a good friend of mine online. It was the only story that I've ever written specifically FOR somebody who was going through a rough time and dealing with a bad situation. (In fact, hehehe, that same friend was also used as 'Jeremy' the Blood Dealer in "Gone From Daylight") Anyway, looking back on it, there was soooo much more that I wanted to say with that story. So much more depth and emotion that I thought I could put into it, now that I've been writing for years and years and can do so with a little more finesse. Hehehe!

SO...I pretty much started from scratch! And this is going to definitely read like a whole new story when it's finished! The first chapter of "If Only In My Dreams" (Remixed) is now up! Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Also, the original is still available on the story page. Spoilers, obviously! But trust me, this version will be a whole different ballgame! I've picked up some skills since way back! :P 



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