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Looking for Editor and Beta for Regency Period (Jane Austen style) Short Story


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The Scandalous Affair of His Honorable Beofred of Chauserley is a very light and fluffy RomCom which I spent relatively very little time writing (I watched way too many British dramas, so the dialogues come naturally).  I am hoping if there are people who are interested in beta and editing such story.  Someone who is very well-versed in Jane Austen type of language (Regency English) is preferred as the editor.  Beta reader doesn't need to be, as I want to see if the language is too confusing to general audience or not.

Right now there is only one (10-page) chapter, with rough idea of a second chapter.  It's kind of soapy at this point, with potential to serialize.  I will only write more if there are interests.

The story is not super serious historical fiction, but I did a little bit of research, particularly on costume accuracy and hierarchy of peerage and service staff (think Downton Abbey).  It's something I write to take my mind off my other project, so some details might be a little anachronistic.  People's names are intentionally corrupt and funny (MC is called Beofred.  Beo from Beowulf to mean intelligent, and -fred suffix to mean peaceful ruler).  The story is more accurately described as a generic fantasy setting, but the characters happened to be speaking and dressed up appropriately to the Regency Period.  It is not meant to be 100% historically accurate.

There will be some reference to Austen stories (particularly Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion), Vanity Fair, and Othello (which I know..., is Shakespearean, not Regency).  Any resemblance of Jane Austen characters, Becky Sharp, and Iago is ABSOLUTELY INTENTIONAL.  LOL  It is a parody after all.

There is no graphic depiction of sex "in front of the screen."  Main character happens to be gay and his parents don't give a flick about it, but somehow everything is still blown out of proportion big deal.  LOL

Please consider joining the team.  If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know as well.  (*curtsy*)



The commotion lured a grand lady out of the drawing room.  Her dress was the color of a summer plum, conceded with gilded embroidery.  The neckline was as slender as her bosom was wide.  The sleeves of her spencer had lace underlined the pinking with few ruffles.  The wrap was draping below her knees.  With her hat, she could be no less than five inches taller than my medium stature.  Despite her unfamiliar look, I had no doubt who she was. 

“Lady Sarabella of Havenworth,” her lady’s maid announced.

She retained some air from our prior meeting, but she had grown to look more refined, and much lady-like.  My brawl with my valet earlier looked very juvenile in comparison.

All color flushed out of Moondamir’s face, but he remained composed as it was his duty, “His Honorable Beofred of Chauserley.”

“We’ve been acquainted,” Sarabella smiled, perhaps a little amused, “And you are Moondamir,” the lady mocked, “and this is Jasolyeanne, my maid.” 

The lady’s maid kept her head low.  She was clearly unaccustomed to be introduced in a formal setting, even less so by her employer.

“I apologize, if I appeared rude earlier, my lady,” I bowed to kiss her hand.

“We were good friends when I last departed, and I see no need to alter that relationship,” she scanned at Moondamir and me.  Then she slowly fanned herself with an ornate fan.

“It must be a long while since we last met, Moondamir,” Sarabella addressed directly at the servant.

Moondamir perused my expression as for what to do. 

Lady Sarabella’s action was very out of turn.

“When did you become Beofred’s valet?”  Sarabella insisted.  She spoke very plainly as if to a friend of many years and that with equal status.

“Sixteen,” I answered, as his master.

“I see.  The moment he was eligible for the position.”

“I am not sure of your meaning.”

She ignored me, but continued with her inquest with the valet, “It is well-known a single man blessed with good look must be in want of a female persuasion,” The lady held her chin with the now folded fan, observing the tall and stylish servant, whose wig must worth more than his income per annum.  “They are holding a fair near the town.  Perhaps you could take Jasolyeanne for a turn, as she must be tired waiting for a lady.”

Moondamir looked at me and then made the inquisition, “Without a chaperone?”

“This is most irregular, most unkind,” I protested, “You must withdraw your teasing of my poor servant,” then I turned to the maid, “…and of yours.”

“Pray tell.  What could you possibly mean?”  The lady slightly tilted her head, with a pretention of curiosity, but the corner of her mouth eventually yielded and revealed her true intension.

“You must think of the propriety.”

“Propriety?  Moondamir is a mutual friend.  An advantageous to his position, no doubt.  I was merely warming to him on the term of our early acquaintance.  As far as I see, there is no impropriety.”

“You were risking your maid’s reputation by making an imprudent suggestion.”

“Hmm.  Are servants not humans?  Do they have no desire?  And I see no problem if we shall create a personal union, and our staffs should be more familiar with each other.”

“You are making a hasty presumption.”

Sarabella interjected, “And are you not making a presumption yourself?  The rumor can spread fast in this part of the realm.”

“And how is your action helping the matter?”

“An eligible bachelor refusing lady suitors is a running rumor.  A bachelor rejecting lady suitors for his fair manservant is priming for scandals.  Do you not catch my meaning?”

“And your maid’s reputation must be ruined because--?”

“A maid enjoying her time in a fair with the manservant accompanied can be easily rebuffed as innocuous.  Especially if there is no rejection.  It can, however, dislodge the other rumor quite effectively.”

“How come I feel cuckolded.”

“Then you’re sillier than I thought.”

“And I shall feel gayer with your suggestion.”


Edited by Ashi
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