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Prompt 847 - Creative

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A month after signing the deal the demon shows up on your doorstep in the middle of the night. "What do you want?" You demand. "Look the deal is null and void," he began. "The hell it is," you scream at him. What deal did you make and why is the demon trying to cancel the deal?

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Aditus and I collaborated on this one:


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    • By Sasha Distan
      I blame Irritable1 for this. It was her idea.
      Vruuaska, star demon of In Flames which is the fourth Best Circle of Hell story, now exists in a plushie form. I had him made, I am that sad. He should be arriving today, these are the pics from his maker. He's a floppy pattern, which means he is posable, and has weighted legs and tail. His eyes are hand embroidered (isn't she good?) and he has lava-crackled paw pads. I am SO excited to meet him.
      He was made by dot.DOLL, or Elizabeth Best. You can visit her on Etsy and check out her DeviantArt site. Her commissions are currently closed (on hols) but she's so worth the money and the wait. She even made a tutorial for how she sewed Vruu's amazing eyes.
      And oh, yeah, I totally haven't told hubby that that a foot tall plush demon is coming to live with us. oops.
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