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Talo Segura

A look at some stories.

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A look at some stories topping the readership list in the teenage romance genre. @Dabeagle topped a record on comments with his just now finished publishing 

That certainly was a story packing a powerful amount of drama and if just a little heavy on the rollercoaster of events, revelations and emotions, it was/is a fantastic read.

Still in progress and for me, much closer to a real, real life drama, focusing on the trials and tribulations of two teen boys in love, and their family problems is: 


It promises and is an engaging story with lots more to come. The characters grab you in all these stories, but in this one, the shy Harry is particularly cute!

I have still to catch up with: 


This is the on going lives and romance of a small group of British college kids, which gives a distinctly different flavour being set across on the other side of the Atlantic.

I have enjoyed and am enjoying all these teenage romance dramas and recommend, if you haven't yet, you go check them out. There are other great stories in other genres, but teen romance has a huge following on here and so these are my picks of what I've found.

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@Talo Segura thank you for including my story, that was very kind.

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