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Oh wow! Well, that's just not FAIR! :O


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Slightly older, taller, Stefan Benz is back once again! I have to hand it to him, he said he was going to make a new song and video every single month this year, and he's been keeping up with it. Pandemic and all! That's a real warrior's heart right there! :)

But...seriously? NOW you're gonna wear a tight white T-shirt, and tight white pants...and then you're gonna get soaking, sopping, WET so they're all super clingy and see-through??? Jesus! What are you DOING to me, dude? LOL!

Sighhhh...my heart...



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2 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

He looks cool and breezy, ready for summer! 😎

And so does Gwen Stefani's son, Kingston Rossdale.  :D


He's a teenager? Jesus! I remember when he was still just a 'baby bump'! Hehehe!

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I think that might be my favorite from Stefan...

I wish it was longer, though. (Hehehe, that's what she said!) Seriously though, I think only HIS voice would be able to pull this off. And I believe his voice has already gone through most of the change, so that's impressive. I like it. It's so light and sweet.

Watch your back, Ruel! Hehehe, Stefan Benz is catching up to you, dude! Hehehe!

Also, I don't know if it's a South African thing or what, but he's known for wearing these really long T-shirts in a lot of his videos. So...new fashion? Really long shirt tails...and a Corona mask! :P

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Hehehe, unh unh! I think his crush is Gavin Magnus! I'm calling it right now...there's something there between those two boys. We'll just have to wait and see. :P



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2 hours ago, Comicality said:

Hehehe, not THAT Gavin! THIS Gavin! (But, yes...Cassalegno should be in more stuff)

I knew which Gavin you meant.   :gikkle: 

This is an excellent movie for summertime! I just love it! And it's also available on Netflix, if you haven't seen it yet.  :) 



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Hehehe, yes! I've seen that one, PS! Most definitely! And it was nice!

Oh yeah...this pic and announcement was just released YESTERDAY! See? I'm telling you...there's something going on between those two. LOL! :P

Hey! Social distancing! Whap!  


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AHEM...!!!!! 😮 


That's it! I'm doing it! I'm doing it right NOW!

::Grabs Shovel::

::Starts Digging Swimming Pool In My Backyard::

"Hello? 'Teen Sugar Banana' Pool Cleaning Service? Yes, I'd like to place an order for clean up next weekend, please..."


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