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Ubisoft's New Viking Simulator - Valhalla

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The astute among you might have noticed I left off part of the game's name.  That's because, that name is the only thing that appears to have anything to do with Assassin's Creed.  Starting with the Ancient Egypt Simulator "Origins", followed by Greece "Odyssey", Ubisoft has been focused on making historical light RPG/combat games and slapping the Assassin's Creed label on it.

The game looks interesting enough, but I'm pretty turned off, frankly, by the lack of stealth, simpler mechanics.  They are no longer games you can just drop into and play.  Managing all this RPG stuff takes focus and dedication.  I stopped playing Odyssey when I kept getting killed by a dog and kind of lost interest in it. You hardly feel like an powerful bogey man when the family pet wipes you out. I'm sure I'll play it some day, but the feeling of meh I got from Origins just accelerated downhill with Odyssey.  Valhalla is not on my day one list, which will be the first A/C game since AC2 that is true for.

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Ubisoft have been condemned for a toxic business environment and sexual harassment of women staff. The pressure , stress, and terrible working situation, have forced big changes in the French company, including the resignation of the number two.

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4 hours ago, Talo Segura said:

Ubisoft have been condemned for a toxic business environment and sexual harassment of women staff. The pressure , stress, and terrible working situation, have forced big changes in the French company, including the resignation of the number two.

None of which has anything to do with the game.  Please keep the societal commentary stuff in the Pit and stay on topic here, which is the game.

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      Wow!  This is coming to all systems in 2021.
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