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northie's story updates

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Hi all,  :) 

As we're no longer restricted to one story per thread, I've decided to create a place for all my story updates (with the exception of Never Too Late, which will remain separate). As well as posting my own stuff, you're welcome to add your comments. What will you find here? Writing updates, advance notice of stories and/or chapters, and maybe the occasional sneak peak. How active this thread will be depends on what's happening in my writing life. I'm not going to waste your (and my) time posting rubbish.

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And the first announcement is...  Apart, a short novella, will start posting tomorrow (Saturday) in the evening, my time. It will post in GA's Premium section as a small 'thank you' to the place that started me writing. 

Here's a sneak peak:


After seeing to the stock close by, Ted set out on a longer walk round to the sheep than usual, giving himself ample thinking time. Sal, excited by the change, demanded attention. It was something he didn't begrudge her. An hour in, he stopped by a brook, some nameless rivulet dropping down from the hills on its journey to become part of the Ouse. Sal lapped at the bright, clear water, tongue working hard. He sat on a nearby rock to consider the bewildering changes forty-eight hours had brought.

John stole back into his mind. Populism, demagoguery, and anti-gay sentiment always fired up his friend and lover. Ted sighed. Differences between them hadn't mattered much while they were in Manchester. He was always the one who kept out of politics. Once in London, working lives amplified the arguments. He recalled one evening spent crowing over his first bonus. Johnny's voice, cracked with passion and zeal, seemed to echo through peaceful Yorkshire air. 

“You're a sell-out. A fucking mercenary sell-out. Don't you realise that?”

The bonus had followed a long, demanding period of work to facilitate tax avoidance schemes for a multi-national. 

“Is it even legal?” Johnny's face red with suppressed passion.

“Yes!” He stood at the other end of the breakfast bar. “Of course. De Yonge isn't some shady, fuck-you operation. Didn't you get an offer from them same time as I did?”

The other man's nose crinkled. “Yeah – it deserved the nano-second's worth of consideration I gave it.”

“Why apply then?”

“To keep you happy.”

There was silence as both digested that exchange.


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If you enjoy stories with an historical setting, you might like a short I've written set in Oscar Wilde's London. It's available on an external magazine, Sundial Magazine. You can find Inversion on its site. There's no charge or access provisions. Enjoy. 


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