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    • By Zombie
      I'm fed up with constant demands by Adobe to update its software and then insist I waste my time rebooting my PC - probably not every day but it seems like it. I don't have / want a smartphone so I don't know if it's the same with them but I guess it is - eating into your data allowance, ESPECIALLY expensive if you use it in other countries.
      It's as if some software companies become so big they forget why they're there - to serve and please their customers, not annoy the **** out of them. The same with Norton, a big pile of **** that just eats more and more system resources. They behave as if web device owners exist just to satisfy the likes of Adobe's and Norton's voracious demands and that we're somehow privileged to be their customers. No we're not and that's why I ditched Norton for excellent free anti-malware programs. Now I'm looking for an Adobe Reader alternative. Suggestions anyone?

      Btw it's not just me - stumbled on this spleen venting Adobe forum

      *goes to have a little lie down ... *
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