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I like this view better as it shows off the famed chapel better.


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    • By aditus
      A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned the s*** word. And then I heard there fell s*** at some places. I think it's safe now to think of the Ch********* word, especially together with a story.
      A month from today, I will post the first chapter of my new/ old Ch**story Baby, it's Cold Outside.
      Sneak peek:
      I was on the subway, the hood of my jacket still drawn over my head against the nasty weather, mentally going through the list for the big dinner I had planned, when I heard Peter's distinctive laughter. I would have recognized it anywhere, these deep rumbling chortles that always made me feel warm inside. Surprised, I looked back over my shoulder and saw him talking animatedly to a woman I didn't know. It was too early for him to be on this train. Then I smiled. He wanted to surprise me and be home early before he had to go on that business trip tomorrow.
      I gathered the cloth bags filled with groceries from the floor between my feet, ready to join them, when Peter lifted his hand, stroked the woman's hair, and leaned in for a kiss.
    • By Carlos Hazday
      Someone mentioned Brett Davenport reminded them of Spicoli.
    • By Carlos Hazday
      US Army Rangers Sergeant Bradley Thomas Kennedy lost his legs when his vehicle hit an improvised explosive device. Ranger chronicles the first couple of years following the IED incident. Will he recover sufficiently from his physical and  mental wounds to lead a fulfilling live? Will he get the girl in the end? Here's a little look at the story.
    • By Carlos Hazday
      I've been toying with the idea of writing a children's book. Dolphin Delivery is the working title and may change. GA limits the way in which images can be shared but I envision illustrations accompanying each scene in the book.
      Would love to hear what you think and if there would be an interest in the story. Here's the initial draft of the first scene.
      Dolphin Delivery: A Children’s Story
      “Daddy, Daddy! You’re home!” Liebe ran to the door and raised her arms. “Pick me up, Daddy. Pick me up!”
      In one motion, her father lifted Liebe and twirled her around. His baseball hat fell off when he did.
      “Wheee!” The little blonde girl squealed in delight.
      “How is my favorite four-year old?” Her father asked her after stopping and giving her a kiss and a cuddle.
      “Daddy! You forgot my party. I’m five now.” Liebe had celebrated her fifth birthday the previous week.
      “Oh, that’s right. How’s my favorite big girl.” Her father gave her a bunch more kisses all over her face and returned her to the floor.
      “I’m good, Daddy. I missed you.” Her father was a fireman. He slept at the fire station when he worked so she had not seen him since yesterday. “Papi’s washing Spot.” Papi was her other father. Spot was the puppy she got as a birthday present. He was white with black spots all over.
      “Did you go out in the boat today?” her father asked.
      “We did. That’s why Papi’s washing Spot. He jumped in the ocean with us.” She pointed to the dock behind the house. Her other father was on it, next to their boat, rinsing soap off the puppy with a hose.
      “Was it fun?”
      “Yeah! We had a great time. Mamma showed up and went swimming with us. She’s fat!”

      Front: Blonde fireman in t-shirt and pants with suspenders holds blonde girl against his chest.
      Background: Dark-haired, bearded man in t-shirt and board shorts rinsing Dalmatian puppy on dock with boat next to them.
    • By Carlos Hazday
      Coming to Gay Authors next weekend...
      A revised and expanded version of a flash piece I posted years ago in response to a weekly prompt.
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