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Psshhh...I could do that!


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"No you can't, Comsie!"

Of COURSE I can! Here...watch!!!

(Three Seconds Later)


AHHHHHH!!! Omigod! Oh...oh God! Get me a doctor! I need...I need like SIX doctors! Tell them to bring a stretcher...and a MOP! Oh God! Oh Jesus, the pain! I can't even....aaaccckkk! Is that a bone? Am I supposed to be bleeding this much? I don't even know what that thing IS over there by that park bench, but I'm pretty sure it belongs on the inside of my body, not flopping around on the ground! Hurts so much! Omigod! Why is my arm on backwards? Somebody find my shoe! Oh God! I thought I had more ribs than this, originally! Oh god! Where are those doctors???

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