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Sorry, this was an exhausting weekend, to put it lightly. ("Darkness Waits")..


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But I'm gonna rest up and get back on task by the end of the day. Just...ugh! Family, and kids, and shopping, and mailing Xmas cards, and voting, and just...my brain needed a rest.

ANYWAY...the exclusive ebook, "Darkness Waits", is available! Here's the direct link at Amazon for my very first creepy, gay, horror themed, anthology! Grab your copy today!


Rate and leave a comment if you have a few seconds to spare! It makes me look good in front of the big boys and the professionals at this game! Hehehe! Enjoy!

And of course, you can grab the ebook, "Holiday Rush", as well if you're feeling the holiday spirit. Or...if you're just horny! ::Giggles:: This book is sure to satisfy both urges, so it's a win/win for you all! :P

And you can grab that and all of my other ebooks in the Comicality Ebook section on Imagine Magazine! Cool?


Have fun! And I'll be back before the night is over! We've got more Christmas cheer to spread this year before it's over! :)

Now then...I am NOT a morning person! So I'm going to find out why I'm up so early and look for reasons to go back to sleep! Hehehe! Seezya soon!

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